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 questions about wyws

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PostSubject: questions about wyws   questions about wyws EmptyMon 13 Nov - 3:13

Hello everybody,

I am Sophie from the bpullman yahoo group. I learnt about this forum in the group. I am obsessed with the movie "While you were sleeping" and have watched it countless times, but there are still many things in it that I don't know how to interpret. I am afraid to bore people in the bpullman yahoo group with my questions, so I decided to post them here in a new topic, that way nobody is forced to read them. I hope that there are people here who are as obsessed as me and willing to discuss the movie endlessly. Wink

The first question I already asked on the bpullman yahoo group. Here it is :
"Then maybe you (or another of the fans of the movie) can
help me understand something I'm wondering about. At the end of the
scene of Peter's wedding, when Lucy leaves the hospital chapel, she
looks at Jack, and we can see his face for a short moment (by the way,
I put a screencap of that moment in my photo album, it's the last
photo). He has a strange expression that I can't interpret. Sometimes
I think that he's on the verge of smiling, but I am not sure. Do you
know what his face is expressing in that moment ? What is he thinking
? Did he already decide to propose to her ?"

I got two answers :
1/ He is happy because he knows that she loves him, and he's also overwhelmed, didn't have time yet to realize what has happened.
2/ He is trying to tell her that he is not angry with her and that there is still hope.

If anybody here has another interpretation, I would be very happy to hear it.

Ok, and a second question. There is a moment in the second meeting of Lucy and Jack that has puzzled me for a long time. By their second meeting, I mean the time when Lucy comes to Peter's appartment to feed the cat, and meets Jack there. Then the phone rings, and Lucy wants to let the machine get the call, but Jack answer the phone and tells Lucy "It's for you". While she is speaking in the phone, he is observing her and has that strange beginning-of-a-smile on his face. I wonder what he is thinking in that moment and have no clue. What do you think ?
Oh, here is a picture of that moment (you can get a bigger version by clicking on it) :
questions about wyws

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Big Fish
Big Fish

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PostSubject: Re: questions about wyws   questions about wyws EmptyWed 22 Nov - 0:35

I think that I already answerd the two of them ... I think... so Im going to paste the answers here ... Maby there are some people on the forum which arent member of the Yahoo Mailing List... ? scratch

Ok answer to the hospital wedding question was :

Quote :
Well I think he feels relased and happy because now he knows that she
loves her but he doesn't already realize the hole scene that just
happened I think hes a bit overthrown (Thats the expression I think
no? well anyway...)

and to the "Its for you" scene its:

Quote :
Uuuum about the picture I realy love this scene well I noticed that as
Bill answers the phone its a realy bored and
"why-is-this-stupid-phone-ringing-right-know" Hello and when Lucy
takes the phone its more like : Hello in a more enthousiastic and
"oh-thanks-this call-is-saving-me-from-some-strange-questions" way and
I think that Jack noticed that... And he gives this kind of look that
my english teacher puts on when he was about to ask a question an the
student gets "saved by the bell" ...
I dont know ...

Its great having somebody who postes a lot realy great the forum was as dead for a while...

Welcome *waves* Very Happy
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questions about wyws
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