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 The Speech

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PostSubject: The Speech   The Speech EmptyThu 28 Dec - 1:32

I watched this film a number of times over the years.And it's okay although for me it is "too American".One of the best parts of the film is for me the speech Bill-the president-does before they go to attack the aliens.It still gives me goose-bumps even if that perhaps is the moment in the film where it is the all american save the planet bit.But I love his voice there love it Also the moment when he is in the hospital with his daughter and his wife dies.Very well acted by all 3 actors!
What is your fave part in the film?
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Big Fish
Big Fish

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PostSubject: Re: The Speech   The Speech EmptyTue 2 Jan - 18:21

UUUUUuuuuuuum my fav part.... hard to tell... I watched this movie only once but I think itīs when Bill is at the hotel and speaking to his wife and saying something like , I have a really good looking girl in my bed...
And when his ssecretery tells him that hes been eected the best looking I dont know what and he answers "Well at least that I acieved" or something like that... Of course I realy like the speech too Very Happy

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The Speech
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